Sustainable is the New Sexy:

exchanging, selling and buying pre-loved items to save the planet.

Gone are the days when charity shops and second-hand buying were a taboo in the fashion industry. With the luxury reseller market at an all-time high and a push for the fashion industry to become more environmentally responsible, sustainability is really in right now. This transition from hand-me-down heels embarrassment to bargain bag bragging has proven that luxury resellers are at the forefront for a more sustainable fashion industry. Even large designers such as Gucci, Burberry and Stella McCartney have been working with luxury resellers in promoting the benefits behind recycling luxury items rather than buying new and have been encouraging other big brands to do the same.




Since the pandemic hit, the importance of luxury resellers has really peaked. Not only has it proven beneficial to the resellers and its consumers but for luxury designers themselves. Over the past year there has been a 46% increase in consignment directly from brands in an attempt to offload excess inventory. With Gucci being one of the largest supporters of this relationship between designers and resellers, it is definitely looking promising that other large designers will be following suit.


Not only are many saving money by buying designer items from luxury resellers, but they are also saving the planet.  At we have even introduced an exchange opportunity in which you can trade in your own designer bags, shoes or accessories for a part exchange in purchases on the website. Just go on the ‘Sell now/Exchange’ tab and fill out the form provided, making recycling and sustainable fashion easier than ever.


Check out our website to explore the luxury deals and steals we have to offer on a range of big brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton. By shopping with us you’ll be saving yourself money whilst saving the planet by shopping sustainably.