High Heel Hierarchy must authenticate every item that is received to ensure that the items sold on the site are 100% genuine. To do so we use a two-point system. 
The first point of authentication is through Entrupy,  an algorithm-based authentication system which uses microscopic photographs to validate the authenticity of a designer accessory. 

Any counterfeit items that do not pass the Entrupy system quality control test will be returned to the customer, who will be required to cover the collection and return delivery expenses involved.

Only items that pass the Entrupy authentication system will be processed to the next stage. The second point of authentication is through High heel Hierarchy's quality control team, who make the final decision as to whether the item is authentic and ultimately if it will be sold through the HHH website and store.

We ensure authenticity of all items with 100% money back guarantee. Each, and every item that we receive is thoroughly vetted to ensure appropriate condition and also authenticity. We are proud to stand behind every item that we sell.
HHH uses a state-of-the-art authentication process exclusively with Entrupy, the world’s first and only on-demand authentication service. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Entrupy allows our team to examine bags at microscopic level and produces a certificate of authenticity. The current accuracy rate is 99.1% and each certificate of authenticity is backed with the Entrupy Financial Guarantee.

You don't want o walk into HHH trying to pass off a fake for the real deal. We know the difference. Even expensive imitations with store receipts, won't fool our trained eyes. The preloved luxury market is built on reputation. We take pride in having an impeccable one.