How it works

  1. Sign up and sell

Sign up, enter your details and start selling. Our selling rates: 20% of the sale price. There are no complicated or hidden costs.

Snap a pic, list it and start selling.

  1. Item sold and ship

Once an item is sold, you will ship either to our headquarters (if requested Item Verification) or directly to the buyer, via a tracked service.

  1. Get paid

Set your own price. 5 days after delivery of the item, or as soon as the buyer confirms receipt of their order, payment will be released to you, minus our commission fee. Get paid via bank transfer or Paypal depending on the preferences you set upon registering.

  1. Please note:

 As an individual seller, you are not obliged to accept returns, however, we advise you to consider the option to offer returns as it may help to increase sales.

You have the option to choose your return policy within your accounts setting.

Please read our full Terms and Conditions for Sellers